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Wyoming is an alcoholic beverage control state. Wyoming's highest court is the Supreme Court of Wyoming , with five justices presiding over appeals from the state's lower courts.

Wyoming is unusual in that it does not have an intermediate appellate court , like most states. This is largely attributable to the state's population and correspondingly lower caseload. Appeals from the state district courts go directly to the Wyoming Supreme Court. Wyoming also has state circuit courts formerly county courts , of limited jurisdiction, which handle certain types of cases, such as civil claims with lower dollar amounts, misdemeanor criminal offenses, and felony arraignments.

Circuit court judges also commonly hear small claims cases as well. Before , Wyoming judges were selected by popular vote on a nonpartisan ballot. This earlier system was criticized by the state bar who called for the adoption of the Missouri Plan , a system designed to balance judiciary independence with judiciary accountability.

In , an amendment to Article 5 of the Wyoming Constitution, which incorporated a modified version of the plan, was adopted by the voters. Since the adoption of the amendment, all state court judges in Wyoming are nominated by the Judicial Nominating Commission and appointed by the Governor. They are then subject to a retention vote by the electorate one year after appointment. Wyoming's political history defies easy classification. The state was the first to grant women the right to vote and to elect a woman governor.

This day was later commemorated as Wyoming Day. While the state elected notable Democrats to federal office in the s and s, politics have become decidedly more conservative since the s as the Republican Party came to dominate the state's congressional delegation.

All three are Republicans. The state has not voted for a Democrat for president since , one of only eight times since statehood. At present, there is only one relatively reliably Democratic county; affluent Teton and one swing county; college county Albany. In the presidential election, George W. Republicans are no less dominant at the state level. They have held a majority in the state senate continuously since and in the state house since However, Democrats held the governorship for all but eight years between and She served from to , winning a special election after her husband, William Bradford Ross , unexpectedly died a little more than a year into his term.

Voter Info is As of May 1, [53]. Republicans have a majority of registered votes in all but 2 counties: Albany and Teton , where they have a plurality of registered voters.

Other common non-English languages included Algonquian 0. In , the American Community Survey reported that 6. According to a Gallup Poll, the religious affiliations of the people of Wyoming were: The same report counted 59, Evangelical Protestants Due to its sparse population, the state of Wyoming lacks any major professional sports teams.

Some of the most popular sports teams in the state are the University of Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls teams — particularly football and basketball, which play in the Mountain West Conference. High school sports are governed by the Wyoming High School Activities Association , which sponsors 12 sports.

List of all Wyoming state symbols: Boom conditions in neighboring states such as North Dakota were drawing energy workers away. About half of Wyoming's counties showed population losses. As of November , the state's unemployment rate was 4. The mineral extraction industry and travel and tourism sector are the main drivers behind Wyoming's economy. In , more than six million people visited Wyoming's national parks and monuments. Each year Yellowstone National Park, the world's first national park, receives three million visitors.

Historically, agriculture has been an important component of Wyoming's economy. Its overall importance to the performance of Wyoming's economy has waned. However, agriculture is still an essential part of Wyoming's culture and lifestyle. The main agricultural commodities produced in Wyoming include livestock beef , hay , sugar beets , grain wheat and barley , and wool.

Wyoming is the home of only a handful of companies with a regional or national presence. Cloud Peak Energy in Gillette and U. Wyoming's mineral commodities include coal, natural gas, coalbed methane , crude oil , uranium , and trona. Unlike most other states, Wyoming does not levy an individual or corporate income tax. In addition, Wyoming does not assess any tax on retirement income earned and received from another state.

Food for human consumption is not subject to sales tax. All property tax is based on the assessed value of the property and Wyoming's Department of Revenue's Ad Valorem Tax Division supports, trains, and guides local government agencies in the uniform assessment, valuation and taxation of locally assessed property.

Statutes limit property tax increases. For county revenue, the property tax rate cannot exceed 12 mills or 1. For cities and towns, the rate is limited to 8 mills 0. With very few exceptions, state law limits the property tax rate for all governmental purposes.

Personal property held for personal use is tax-exempt. Inventory if held for resale, pollution control equipment, cash, accounts receivable, stocks and bonds are also exempt. Other exemptions include property used for religious, educational, charitable, fraternal, benevolent and government purposes and improvements for handicapped access. Mine lands, underground mining equipment, and oil and gas extraction equipment are exempt from property tax but companies must pay a gross products tax on minerals and a severance tax on mineral production.

Wyoming does not collect inheritance taxes. There is limited estate tax related to federal estate tax collection. In , the Tax Foundation ranked Wyoming as having the single most "business friendly" tax climate of all 50 states. The federal aid per capita in Wyoming is more than double the United States average.

The largest airport in Wyoming is Jackson Hole Airport , with over employees. In addition, the state is served by the Wyoming state highway system. Interstate 25 enters the state south of Cheyenne and runs north, intersecting Interstate 80 immediately west of Cheyenne. It passes through Casper and ends at Interstate 90 near Buffalo.

Interstate 80 crosses the Utah border west of Evanston and runs east through the southern third of the state, passing through Cheyenne before entering Nebraska near Pine Bluffs. Interstate 90 comes into Wyoming near Parkman and cuts through the northeastern part of the state. It serves Gillette and enters South Dakota east of Sundance. Routes 14 , 16 , and the eastern section of U. Outside of Moran , U. Highways 26, , and 89, before continuing north to the southern entrance of Yellowstone.

Wyoming is one of only two states the other being South Dakota in the 48 contiguous states not served by Amtrak. Public education is directed by the state superintendent of public instruction, an elected state official.

Educational policies are set by the State Board of Education, a nine-member board appointed by the governor. The constitution prohibits the state from establishing curriculum and textbook selections; these are the prerogatives of local school boards.

The Wyoming School for the Deaf was the only in-state school dedicated to supporting deaf students in Wyoming, but it closed in the summer of Wyoming has one public four-year institution, the University of Wyoming in Laramie and one private four-year college, Wyoming Catholic College , in Lander , Wyoming. In addition, there are seven two-year community colleges spread throughout the state. Before the passing of a new law in , Wyoming had hosted unaccredited institutions, many of them suspected diploma mills.

The Oregon State Office of Degree Authorization predicts that in a few years the problem of diploma mills in Wyoming might be resolved. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For other uses, see Wyoming disambiguation. Climate change in Wyoming. List of islands of Wyoming. List of counties in Wyoming. Wind River Indian Reservation. Devils Tower National Monument. Political party strength in Wyoming. Religion in Wyoming [58] Religion Percent Protestant.

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