Financial transaction tax

Forex Trading – Tipps zum Devisenhandel. Den Devisenhandel kennen selbst Anleger meist nur von der Urlaubsreise. Dabei ist der Devisenmarkt um ein .

Poor lost soul…just too high strung. Morgan Stanley and S. Proponents of the tax assert that it will reduce price volatility.

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The actual finance methodology changes from finance group to finance group. Please post if your interested. His company, Prospexx and Barrett Capital go out and find other brokerage firms to send them projects. One being Lauton Funding in New York. His website has no address and no telephone number with an answering machine. How professional and appropriate is that? But those that need funding are gullible and buy into the hope that Tom Mckenzie will do what he says until he strings the client along to only tell him that there was a problem they found with the deal and does not have any interested investors.

This of course is after Mr. McKenzie receives the clients fees and also after the client has already spent additional fees to get a meaningless LOI outline of Mr.

Lauton Funding had a post I saw that claims there is a smear campaign against them. I have contacted the legal authorities and I want something to be done about Tom McKenzie. In time, it will be I am certain. Hello- I am seeking the following information has anyone closed with Sovereign Securities Limited good or bad and I am seeking a legit platform for ppp please reply off board and thank you for your time. Yes John I have reached the same conclusion.

When he asked you to contact him directly to ask what will make you happy was there any correspondence?. The real pain this man causes is the time scales he works too a simple scam might take the money after a short time but he is much much worse the damage he causes by dragging things out to perpetuate the further collection of fees is immense.

Of course in these difficult times people and business cling on to a glimmer of hope and that is what he prays on. On a moral level it is obscene and how he lives with himself giving false hope for such protracted periods of time is difficult to comprehend.

As his web site says if they can not fund after 45 days it goes to the world famous funding board and if they cannot fund shame on them. So why do I hear of 6months 9months and 12 months of purgatory. The only conclusion is he can not fund and it is a simple scam that is even more painful than most. Anyone knows the loss of fees is bad enough but he also causes the loss of time with his lies.

Come on Mr Mckenzie have the moral fortitude to defend yourself. The questions the guy asks without being specific are simple ridiculous questions. Then this Quance and Tom McKenzie use the report as a tool to protect themselves legally why they are not funding. They have never once produce their list of 23 lenders you know why? They really may know 23 brokers but not lenders. From what I read from others, they were put through the same nonsense and have lost their money.

McKenzie has a personal website in Canada with his photo and introduces himself as an entrepreneur that has motorcycles and cars. Wonder where he got the money to buy all of those? This email is strictly for individuals interested in the details stated above. After individuals move forward I would like you to post your reviews for other members. So, everyone will know that what I offer is performing. If not, I would gladly be willing to send an email through you.

Two of the contacts mentioned all monies are to go through an attorney intials D. I will disclose or confirm off board. I have received a statement issued by this attorney saying.. Therefore I would heavily advise an intense DD on where the money goes so it does not go abracadabra. His reputation for debunking the business belies his altruistic ulterior motive actions. Hey, for some, the temptation is too great. At all stages of this business. How and who do you contact that IS in fact the real deal with P.

I and my partners are about to endure a journey with a trade group. However WE are novices to this area and scope of expertise. As most people on this blog would agree, leasing bank instruments is not the way to go.

You will waste a few hundred thousand dollars, and be stuck in legal battles for years. If you are interested in private placement programs, feel free to give us a call or network with other members. We have worked with 2 different programs which HAVE performed, and only involve ourselves with those traders. Thank you for your support to our blog, and please visit our discussion forum when you have some time.

Shirlee is the most abusive woman i have encountered. Ali R Ahmad thinks that he is the trader himself!!! Read the blogs carefully on this character. Real sources don't compromise such valuable contacts so easily. Beware of individuals that 'vouch' for certain characters on this blog. Any legitimate entity plugged into this arena would prefer to remain anonymous, thank you. Having your name pasted on public blog forums, even for 'positive reference' reasons is not something any respectable player in this business would invite.

Those of us who have worked for decades to gain access to the quiet world of PPP opportunities wince at the idea of public accolades. When I started out in this business, there was no internet, thus no blog forums to reference for help getting 'plugged into' real entities that operate in this arena. I came up the hard and expensive way. Endless travel, meetings, phone calls not to mention horrendous phone bills — they didn't have 'unlimited domestic calling plans' then.

Through this forum, it is possible to get 'plugged in' if you're genuine and have a brain. I can spot a lot of joke-sters already on this forum. It just goes with the territory of pursuing this nutty business of PPP.

There's so much to know and absorb — and so much misinformation out there — a lot of it put out by the government to dissuade you. But that's another book in itself. Thank you Inside Trade author for the words of wisdom. Listen my fellow business men and woman, this site will save you A LOT of money, stress and headaches if you simply take the time to read and Network with all. However these people are soo convincing that you almost feel like if you do NOT get in on it you are losing. I and we are Real Estate Investors who new nothing about trades or the process.

This group changed every programs week and to this date we have yet to see a contract. Granted we need the funds to buy Real Estate and to assist our fellow Investors and the American public that is set back by the current economic strain. During this month long pyramid the chain of group started to drop off by exposure of our leased funds being wired immediately or we would NOT make the trade. C "Atlanta Ga" for fraud attempt. I thought to myself "didn't YOU bring us this group initially to trust" now all of a sudden they are charlatans.

The Investor leasing the funds was exposed to use by this email in which put us direct to the actual leased funds to trade. My partner submitted the contact to the group in trust mind you so we can be off to the races…right? The Investor is Warren Rosenfeld out of Texas for leased funds. Now mind you my affiliates this is ALL private and confidential…..

None the less when I tried to fly to meet this trader "Allan W. Shepard of Private Capital Holdings L. He "Allan" could NOT meet me due to other obligations and has yet to return my calls or emails for weeks now.

You would think that he would be ready to meet with me and my firm. I will say this readers, I do feel that she is blinded by this scheme as she truly believes in Allan and the cause.

Or refuses to share with her clients who trust her. Poor lost soul…just too high strung. I am NOT on this site by the influence of any entity or attempting to destroy or burden anyone's life or profession. However if you are who say you are and produce as such than great and I applaud you. Now please contact me so that I may be apart of the success story. Post your email and I will see the post followed by contacting you.

Thank you for your great comments about our firm. As always, we are here for our readers and take pleasure in assisting them to meet their goals. Have a great end to your day! Has anyone ever closed one of these transactions ,if yes what was the key? They strung along my mother for 4 months week by week saying she passed compliance and would be getting paid every friday for 16 weeks. After the first 2 weeks we knew they were liars but each week they kept calling updating us with their BS lies.

One week — New regulations were passed, next week — Banks had to verify her paperwork again, next week — on and on same ole lies… for 16 weeks until we just laughed and told them we knew they were crooks and had filed with the Atty Gen.

They are always screaming how much they are christians and love god and all the religious bs. Stay away from these guys. The Great thing about this blog site is we can finally start to see the names of the many scammers that exist in this industry. The flip side to this is many of us are hesitant to post what we are capable of for fear of appearing to be exactly what is being reported here. Like many of you I have chased these elusive trades for quite some time. I am now 0 for 14 and growing on these platforms.

I decided over two years ago to purchase a bond and go at this direct. No Intermediaries, no middle people, nothing to hide. If you want my paperwork, well here it is!

My theory was, by being the principle with enough of these people looking someone would eventually bring me to the right spot. Boy was I wrong! The frustrating thing is, I know this exists and is possible. I have found a CASH platform that actually performs, is very transparent, and will gladly prove performance.

You can fly straight to their law firm, meet with them, meet their traders and see their platform perform.

We are residential and Commercial lenders so times have been very trying for us. Lending has virtually dried up in our industry. Thank God I purchased the bond when I did at the distressed price because at least the bond has a good cash flow which has kept us afloat.

It sounds like your company and my company has some things in common in regards to Real Estate and proximity so I would like to speak with you.

When a principle enters into Chapter 11 we try to work with them right through Chapter 7 to bring qualified investors in to purchase the projects. We were hoping to raise the capital through trading to take advantage of some of these opportunities as well as help individuals to stay in their homes. I would like to speak with you about your commercial real estate business and the exits you refer too.

Guys my heart goes out to you. I suggest you do what I did. Also, I wanted to say thank you to InsideTradeLLC for creating a forum in which we can share experiences that will hopefully prevent us from all making the same mistakes and ideas that will allow us all to move forward and work with honest and reliable people. Here is my contribution…I cut and pasted every name and company listed on the blog.

The list is not mine. The following are simply collected names and companies mentioned on the blog. He used to work with the trader in the insurance industry and they have been friends for years. This being said I still want to use escrow or leave the money in my account which the trader is ok with.

My question is can I use a Proof of Funds account for a platform? If I use escrow how should it be set up so that the money is safe? Barrett Capital Exchange seem to be connected to Prospexx Integrated Capital has anybody closed any deals with them? There just seems to be a wall of silence or are they both just fee collectors?

She has closed a deal for one I have known for years. You have to come correct to her group. No Lease or Rented funds. There are only a few out there really making things happen. I cannot endorse this company anymore but they are legit. Peace to you guys. Junior from the We were introduced to a Virgil Hentz. Would appreciate any and all information and experiences, pro and con, about and with Virgil Hentz.

Yesterday afternoon I received confirmation that I passed compliance with the Judge and just made my travel arrangements to meet at his law firm on Monday to discuss his trade program and my contract. Thanks for the Judges website, I did my due dilligence and you were right I was very impressed.

After quite a while looking I am very encouraged here and if nothing else the Judges transparency has been refreshing. I want to commend the creators of this site because I have looked for over a year for a viable place to place my funds and only by chance did I stumble across this site that has now hopefully led me to exactly what I have been looking for. Conflicting information about Melisa Shapiro. Junior says she is good but Colorado Carl says she is not. I can not request on board.

Please contact me or forward website information to:. We stumbled upon this site earlier today and we wanted to chime in on this particular subject. I have done business with one of the companies on here. We are Very Surprised to see them on here due to their strict policies.

Private Group Capital is totally legitimate. Currently we are moving forward in a major project overseas and they will assist us in our endeavors. They assisted us in offshore banking as well and made our lives a lot easier. Administrative Hold structures allow the bank to continue utilizing those funds. Blocking funds are designed to counter that structure so the trader can garner a credit line against the underlying capital. If those funds can be used for other financial activities while in trade,no bank or other entity will extend the credit line.

The credit line is the key to protecting the principal, thus not putting the funds at risk. Those funds cease being an asset of the bank. They want to continue utilizing those funds.

There lies the rub. It would be a helluva lot easier to pitch clients using the Adm Hold structure versus the dreaded Block albatross. My collegues and I would would work it in a New York minute. Blocking funds is a real pain in the behind. And they will do their utmost to hassle and dissuade clients from participating in what is the greatest business in the world. If you know how to play the game, that is. And they waste their time year in,year out — chasing rainbows with no pot of gold at the end.

Bankers know when their dealing with amateur clients seeking access to this arena. Let the pros handle it. The Fed makes the rules in this business. They decide what will and will not be allowed. And they rule with an iron fist.

Nothing gets past them. Think about it,would they make the Administrative Hold option available to one group and not to the other licensed trade groups they control?

That one group would ride herd over the others and steal away all the business. The business of bank trading among a handful of exclusively licensed and regulated trade groups is a very small club.

When one sneezes — they all catch a cold. Then the reality of losing the client AND your reputation, quickly follows. Been there done that. They deserve no less. I wish you all the best. I have forwarded your message along to the appropriate source, you should be contacted via email shortly. I do not see Private Group Capital listed anywhere on this site except your post. Who is Private Group Capital? Thank you for your response Old Pro. I apologize too if you thought I was thinking your earlier post in regards to R Cohen was stating he was a fraud.

That was not my intention. The only way to communicate is for you to leave me your email on this blog. And then I'll give you further instructions. How can companies such as Prospexx Integrated Capital and Barrett Capital Exchange be allowed to continue taking fees off people and then produce nothing. Surely in any jurisdiction it is theft and at the very least immoral. Do a DD on everyone as you would in any business transaction. Consult a assistance if you need guidance or further information.

If you become a victim: Do not remain silent! Junior- you have contributed valuable information. I am a principal and am interested in speaking with you. I know the banking industry and you are completely right on an admistrative hold. Adminstrative holds are loved by the banking industry because it still allows them to go to the Fed window and borrow against those funds. If you happen to look here can you please forward me the name of the person in Florida you said you had.

TO Anyone who can put me in contact with the judge: Please contact me at the email above in this post. I have read you comments about Prospexx I. C with ineterest, and I too was taken in by these people, paid due diligence and delay and excused over a year period and then nothing…. But, reading this has given me great heart, because there is so many people on here who have been scammed Sorry, not understood the process.

Well let me say now, I have just had my eurika moment…. If all the people on this forum send me NOW!!! But seriously, kiddingly you make a very good point and one I have pointed to for quite a while.

What if all of the honest people on here as well as other sites like this came together and networked. There are people on here with Cash, bonds, Securities, etc. Can you imagine if we all came together and took our collective strengths and pooled them. The financial strength created from this type of union could fund a great deal of projects. So, maybe the key to all this is structure and networking. Maybe someone needs to generate an idea for this type of union where human capital and monetary capital come together to accomplish something that as individuals we are struggling with.

I know it sounds crazy, and I know there will be some that will shoot holes in the theory but there are a great deal of good people here all looking for answers. It just seems there should be an easy way to bring us all together. I see the business defrauders are still defrauding. I hope some of you principles learn from it.

Even though I have great providers that has proven success, I can never know it all. The last thing a reputable provider wants is the FEDs breathing down their necks do to an investor being paranoid.

This business has gotten very nasty within the last several years. This is made it hard as hell to get CMOs to past compliance. Let the government sort out that mess. So if you want to take CMOs into trading, save yourself some time, monetize and use cash. And last but not least!!!! I do have a CD purchase program that will help you get to your goal of getting a fairly big payout contact zw tidalwavecorp. I provided this info.

But when an investor lack experience in this business it can cause problems for everyone, this comes from resent experiences. Lauren, I emailed you. Please check you junk and or spam. We have our own server and domain and alot of times my emails end up there. I am very public ally asking you for a refund of the fees I paid to your company Prospexx Integrated Capital.

Your excuses for delays and false promises of completing the funding were not contemporaneous. At no point did you attempt any variation of risk reward only an automated bland response to the hurdles your investors created.

Our project was always fully secured via assets that you informed us had passed due diligence not once but twice. The delays were purgatory and have cost us both in time credibility and hard cash.

The documentation you initially furnished us with will be made very public as read with your reasons for not funding and the time span just confirm a good deal of the negative sentiment on the Internet. If a commitment is not made within 5 days to refund my fees and adequate compensation. Not only will I start publicising transcripts of which I received from the Broker and directly from you. I will start legal proceedings and traditional mechanisms not just internet publicity.

When read in hindsight they become very damming maybe it has slipped your mind some of the dialogue we had. I am sorry as you said on our final conversation you do not like the tone but facts prove everything. Speak through my Broker and I would advise you to respond on here also. This page has very few links as yet and still comes high on searches.

This is not a campaign it is just a simple demand for a refund and compensation as I paid and received nothing Simple. I want to see posting like this to stop those who steel our hard earned cash and live of the proceeds of ill gotten gains, however in the reverse I would also like to reward those who do business in a professional maner and give them my business, we can all earn a good living without lowering ourselves to steeling from people.

Happy for anyone to contact me kevin. The funny thing about this business is once someone finds something tangible they either keep it a secret for themselves claiming a non disclosure agreement or they try to profit from the information. Maybe there is a way to address both of those issues but still create a venue for those in need to find what they are seeking. So if we come up with something I am not afraid to throw money at any good ideas that come along.

A perfect example is; I was originally told about this site by Lauren who has posted above. I came on to check it out and found myself reading every post on the site. There are good people on here, Lauren is one of them. I asked her to help me because I am trying to fund a very good Humanitarian project. Without hesitation she was calling me and introducing me to people that could possibly help me and she wanted nothing in return! Wow, what a breath of fresh air. A site that is positive but also informative where opportunities can be posted that has been verified through use by members.

Now "friend" has a strange definition in the underground world. It is not someone who exchanged emails with you or a few calls. Not even some one who met you in a coffee shop.

Especially, not someone who demanded an agreement to pay them. It is a "Principle. For this conversation the definition of a Principle is synonymous with a "Participant in a Program". They do not need these people. They do not need your money! Here is a dirty little secret Broker's do not tend to believe, they are only getting paid if this is their client.

Meaning, if John brought it to Joe who sent it to Chris who actually has a "FRIEND" I will tell you Chris is the only one who will receive a commission so John should be very close with the client to be secured he will be paid, and Joe must trust Chris or he doesn't have a shot since it is not his client. The trade group asks questions to the client regarding outside agreements. The truth is they simply do not care who the client pays, but they do make it clear it is not required to pay these people to stay in the program.

Next, keep your money in YOUR pocket or advise your client to keep their money in their bank account. Only try it if you enjoy Roulette! There really is no mystery or secrecy to the MBP — The money, the broker and the program as some may lead you to believe.

If you have followed the yellow brick road everyone will be transparent. As in a normal business transaction, names, numbers, emails, registration numbers if applicable will be available. The only difference is you may not demand this information upfront.

You must clear compliance for complete access. The language of the underground arena is filled with acronyms. If you have found your way here you probably know most of them yourself. It goes something like this.. If you are laughing you probably understood every word you just read. You can xxxx the account number too. What will happen is you will be on overload with solicitations from everyone who says they can do it!

Worse case scenario, they could tarnish the package but coincidently submitting to two separate programs creating major issues for you! Maybe things could be started afresh with your posting in mind.

A White list that would immediately rise to prominence and individuals and companies prove how competent they are by default proof and transparency e,t,c. Reading the postings on this site has been an education in itself and kept me sane through a period of delay that is simple to prevent recurring by giving information.

Lauren has alluded to it previously and it seems so obvious but nowhere on the net is really achieving it. Kevin made a great point in an entertaining way and maybe the reason these operators are coming to light and people wait for them is it is difficult to find alternatives in the current environment.

Maybe in the past they did fund the odd thing with fees they took and maybe people found alternatives and forgot about them. Our firm is looking for other Investors to go into trade with us. You can close and collect YOUR money at any time.

This page lists the S. Funds that are recovered and available for investors will be distributed according to an approved plan. In addition to seeing whether a claims fund has been established, you may want to find out whether a private class action has been filed against the company you are or have invested in. If your broker-dealer has gone out of business, you can visit their website of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation to find out whether your firm is the subject of a liquidation proceeding and how you can obtain a claim form.

York, and Robert K. Some people just want listen no matter what you tell them. Can you buy a CD in order to go to trade?

I have seen programs where you buy a M CD for under 1M and they allow you to go to trade so the broker says. If visit a the definition of a CD - you will answer your own question. If you could buy a M CD for under 1M please direct to us to the pot of gold.

And for your edification, no one on the planet would lease you M for 1M. My first large R. This company was referred by a reliable source. How many investor could have done some great things on there first deal with that sort of funding.

My attempt here is not desperately searching for funds, it merely to give a great opportunity to some legitimate investors that trying to find a way to get involved in larger program. Truthfully there only about 26 very reputable large trading programs out there. And a gang of broker and facilitators, some who create their own programs. Yes they may have access to the actual traders and take your k or 1m and piggy back it.

My opinion, if you have k to 5mm stick to what made those funds for you and stop trying to get the big 7 figure payouts in this business. You will be that investor that looked for 20yrs and never was successful. You would be purchasing the CDs from one of the top 10 banking institute in the US, you can also set up an account there to have these CDs monetized and housed there. How much better can it get.

Purchase Leased CDs, you are purchasing a non repayable line of Credit back by funds.. If you blow the funds.. The trading program is provided by a total different group. I will not post anymore about this on here, why cause these 1mm investors looking for m profits can be a big pain in the butt. I have seen a lot of posts regarding small programs. And I've been asked about smaller entry level opportunities in the 1M-5M range.

All in all, this part of the business is a very dangerous world. It's an invitation to lose your money. Ironically, my first success in this business was a 1M program that I brokered. And knowing what I know now, if I hadn't been dealing with a 'reputable entity' at the time, my client would have lost his funds.

I was green as a pea back then — clueless! But, I was blessed, having dealt with a first class group introduced to me by a god rest his soul first class successful player who took me under his wing and mentored me.

In retrospect, the program's structure was full of holes in terms of 'safety of principle. At all entry levels! I have been involved in only a few M programs, because real ones are extremely rare.

And I only deal with sources that I know, or those that come highly recommended. I've never lost a dime for any of my clients, and I'm not about to start now. But, in all honesty — I really can't be bothered with these programs because they're a pain in the butt. In , the IMF conducted considerable research that opposes a transaction tax. This is an interesting issue. We will look at it from various angles and consider all proposals. Challenging the IMF's belittling of the financial transaction tax, Stephan Schulmeister of the Austrian Institute of Economic Research found that, "the assertion of the IMF paper, that a financial transaction tax 'is not focused on the core sources of financial instability', does not seem to have a solid foundation in the empirical evidence.

The report indicated that "there is a widely held perception that IMF research is message driven. About half of the authorities held this view, and more than half of the staff indicated that they felt pressure to align their conclusions with IMF policies and positions. A survey published by YouGov suggests that more than four out of five people in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy think the financial sector has a responsibility to help repair the damage caused by the economic crisis.

It found that Europeans "strongly support the various measures that the European Union could adopt to reform the global financial markets A quarter of Europeans are against it, possibly because of the fear that they themselves might be subject to this tax.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taxation An aspect of fiscal policy Policies. Desai Dhammika Dharmapala James R. Automated payment transaction tax. Swedish financial transaction tax. Stamp duty in the United Kingdom. European Union financial transaction tax. Reaction to the Tobin Tax. This section needs to be updated.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Archived from the original on 31 October Retrieved 24 June Stamp Out Poverty report. Stamp Out Poverty Campaign. Page, "Foolish Revenge or Shrewd Regulation? Institute for Global Dialotue. Journal of Financial Services Research.

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Klingt das nicht wie Ihr Vorschlag? Ich hatte vorgeschlagen, die Einnahmen der Weltbank zur Verfügung zu stellen. Aber darum ging es mir gar nicht. Die Devisenumsatzsteuer war dafür gedacht, Wechselkursschwankungen einzudämmen. Die Idee ist ganz simpel: Bei jedem Umtausch von einer Währung in die andere würde eine kleine Steuer fällig, sagen wir von einem halben Prozent des Umsatzes. So schreckt man Spekulanten ab. Denn viele Investoren legen ihr Geld sehr kurzfristig in Währungen an.

Wird dieses Geld plötzlich zurückgezogen, müssen die Länder die Zinsen drastisch anheben, damit die Währung attraktiv bleibt. Hohe Zinsen aber sind oft desaströs für die heimische Wirtschaft, wie die Krisen in Mexiko, Südostasien und Russland während der neunziger Jahre gezeigt haben.

Meine Steuer würde Notenbanken kleiner Länder Handlungsspielraum zurückgeben und dem Diktat der Finanzmärkte etwas entgegensetzen. English Summaries [of quotes in Spiegel Online]. Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 17 March Open Societies, Sovereignty, and International Terrorism".

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HM Revenue and Customs. Archived from the original on 6 December Retrieved 17 December They include reducing extreme poverty , reducing child mortality rates, fighting disease epidemics such as AIDS, and developing a global partnership for development.

Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba at the World Conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance".

Retrieved 29 January Retrieved 24 October Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 13 February A way to invest in our future Rep. Pete Stark " , H. To amend the Internal Revenue Code of to impose a tax on certain trading transactions , "Summary: Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of , "H.

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