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Log in Register Register. FXTM - Trade with flexible leverage and spreads from 0. The platform works fine spreadds are tight. The Standard accounts are divided into Standard, Cent and Shares account with different contract specifications and minimum deposits.

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Major corporations such as Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Twitter and Microsoft are included in the lineup. FXTM recently expanded its product line to currency pairs, including the Chinese Yuan, as well as additional opportunities to trade spot metals paired with major currencies. There are a range of strategy managers that investors can choose from depending on their risk appetite. In addition, the Multi Account Manager MAM feature offers a unique solution for professional traders who need to manage multiple accounts both simultaneously and efficiently.

FT Global Limited, loves promotions and offers them generously. At the time of this writing, there were few ongoing bonuses for this entiy. Under FT Global Limited, there are also several trading contests. Not sure whether you're eligible for a bonus? Here's how the different branches of FXTM operate:. In the area of education, FXTM provides a host of tutorials and webinars which are available for all account holders.

The tutorials are geared to both experienced traders as well as to those just wetting their feet in Forex trading and cover the basics of Forex as well as more advanced topics such as risk management and technical analysis. These videos can even be accessed on mobile devices by scanning the QR code.

Live webinars are presented by industry experts and cover a range of subjects such as Japanese Candlesticks, Trading the Alligator and more. FXTM also supports seminars and workshops by third-parties that facilitate easy access to the Forex opportunities in countries across the world.

These seminar sessions and events are held throughout the year. First is the regulatory environment which they are operating in. Lastly, we look at their technical competency. In other words, although is a less developed economy, its financial regulatory standard by virtue of its compliance with the MiFID is not lacking in any way as compared to a more developed economy like the U.

Although the fact that Cyprus is in need of a bailout from the IMF and European Central Bank ECB , the crisis that its banking system is facing is not due to mismanagement but rather due to the writedowns the Cypriots banks had to make on its Greek Bond holdings. This fact clearly demonstrated the value which TFIFX put on the trust that their clients had placed in them.

TFIFX was established in and has been in business for more than six 6 years now in the online Forex brokerage business. The parent company TFI Markets Ltd has an even longer operational history stretching way back to Their technical competence is also evident through the high-quality support provided by their dedicated customer support team. Nevertheless, TFiFX is also aware of the changing landscape of the online trading world. Thus, for the convenience of their clients, TFIFX also provide the option of trading with a mobile trading platform.

Ever popular among traders for its robustness, TFIFX MT4 client terminal features numerous tools to helps traders in their quest for maximum profitability. The Premium Account is geared towards professional traders.

Maximum trade size is up to lots in a single trade. In addition, premium accounts holders also enjoy the benefit of fixed spreads and trading over the phone is required. For a full list of benefits, please visit their website. Instead, they earn an income by adding Percentage in points PIPs to the interbank market rates.

The level of spreads added to the interbank rates can be floating or fixed depending on the trading account types. For Power Accounts, the spreads start from 0.

For other premium and corporate accounts, the spreads are fixed and pre-agreed. In view of their service performance, there is no doubt that dealing with TFIFX holds several advantages for the average retail trader.