CFTC warns that traders accused of spoofing are trying to obtain excessive evidence

Federal regulators are not the only ones focused on spoofing; state regulators are focused on spoofing as well. The book is really incredible and it can be found in the archives of the iconic exchange building located at 11 Wall St. Look out for the duplicates. FAQs" that provides guidance to market participants designed to delineate between legitimate market practices and misconduct such as spoofing.

How does ARP spoofing work?

The book is really incredible and it can be found in the archives of the iconic exchange building located at 11 Wall St. When you signed the book - you wore the badge and when you wore the badge your honor was on the line. Do you remember the event? Do you remember how the mkt plunged points in 7 mins with no explanation?

Could it be true that one person could have manipulated and crashed the US stock mkt by spoofing and layering? So many industry professionals have been raising the red flag, ringing the bell or jumping up and down to make the point — but the SEC chose to turn a blind eye….

So should this make us all feel a bit more comfortable? Should we rest easy now? Or does this just elevate the whole conversation about how vulnerable our financial mkts are to high speed, HFT, automated computer driven trading that has replaced the very humans that the mkts are supposed to benefit the most? And this is not just a U.

Stocks tossed and turned and ultimately closed lower yesterday as investors continue to assess earnings - looking for direction Yesterday's combination of poor earnings announcements and a drop in crude oil prices pushed the broad market down again - while the Nasdaq managed to gain a bit.

We saw oil inventories jump by 5. Look - crude oil prices have rallied nicely in the past couple of weeks and have now hit the top of the Bollinger Band line - representing key resistance. From an intermediate-term perspective oil prices are over extended and are having trouble breaking up thru resistance News that the Saudi's will end its bombing of the Iranian-backed Houthis Shiite rebels in Yemen was also credited as another reason for the oil weakness.

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This morning - US futures are off 6 pts Eco data today includes: The mkt continues to feel a bit tired and a test of support at the 50 dma at The key here is - will the buyers be there? Unless the news gets really negative - I expect they will be In Europe this morning - mkts are all trading lower on the Greek Angst Tsipiras is now acting like a fool Threats about war reparations, getting in bed with Vlad or even opening up its borders to ISIS do nothing but destroy any credibility that he might have had Pulled Pork Pulled Pork — Seems appropriate, no?

Not in the real world but also in the computer networking world, spoofing is a common practice among notorious users to intercept data and traffic meant for a particular user.

Though there are a lot of spoofing attacks known in the computer networks world, nonetheless, some of the famous spoofing attacks that are known to almost all of us, with little knowledge in computer networks , are DNS spoofing, IP spoofing, MAC spoofing and even ARP spoofing. Let us know the details about ARP spoofing: In a broader perspective, ARP spoofing is meant to steal some data intended for the target victim.

Here is a series of usual steps that are part of ARP spoofing:. Because of that, the volume of traffic meant for different machines gets redirected to a particular host. The volume of traffic overwhelms the target machine so much so that it gets overloaded and cannot perform other tasks. Read more about DOS attacks. In the Man in the Middle attack, the attacker sits in between the communication that happens between two users. It uses independent connections between two targets giving an illusion to the targets as if they are talking among themselves.

Here is a perfect example of this attack given on Wikipedia. It is not that these malicious activities cannot be prevented. Here are some of the methods that are employed in ARP spoofing detection and protection:. Authentication uses credentials from both the systems to authenticate the users. On top of that, the data is encrypted using some keys by the sender before sending it to the receiver.

The encrypted data can only be decoded by some keys which have already been shared by the sender to the receiver beforehand. These things are a part of network security and especially encryption and decryption. Packet filters are like inspectors which sit and carefully examine all the packets being transmitted across the network.

Packet filters are often a part of the firewall programs which keep on looking out for the malicious packets.